Viva Press Agency supplies celebrity interviews and features to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and digital outlets worldwide.  We retain professional journalists based in New York,  Los Angeles and London who have years of experience and file face-to-face interviews usually within 48 hours of them taking place.

This site is primarily aimed at editors who require  A-list names to garner interest for their outlet, or who need to know when interviews are taking place, when films are being released,  and what is available.  The interviews you see shown on this site have not been published in any form in any magazines or outlets – so if you wish to purchase you are secure in the knowledge of getting them exclusively. Alternatively, you may be seeking a particular star, in which case please get in touch.


Richard Rees – Managing Agenthas over 15 years of experience in the media industry and has placed thousands of interviews and news items to publishers worldwide.  Richard was one of the first agents to actively seek out and  represent US freelance film journalists to the UK press.   A comprehensive understanding of the current market means Viva Press is at the forefront of freelance syndication and has established a multi-faceted service.   As a screenwriter, Richard is a bona fide film buff,  he was represented by legendary film agent Guy McElwaine in Hollywood.  Richard has written for The London Times, GQ, and The Literary Review.

Chrissy Iley – LA Bureau Chief, is renowned for her intimate celebrity profiles published in the Sunday Times Magazine, Observer Magazine, You Magazine, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar. She was awarded Interviewer of the Year in the 2008 British Press Awards, received for her work on Demi Moore, The Police and Keira Knightley.

Chrissy started her interviewing career twenty years ago when she realised she had a peculiar gift – people, including celebrities, wanted to tell her things. Victoria Beckham, Johnny Depp and Bono are favourites among her subjects. They like the way she can be both feisty and sympathetic. Chrissy has been known to take subjects hostage for hours if not days including Dustin Hoffman, one of her first interviews, who wanted to talk about the difference between men and women but ended up in a mutual foot massage. Others on the list of willing interviewees have been Helen Mirren, Mel Gibson, Alicia Keys, Harrison Ford, Anjelica Houston, Lily Allen, Yoko Ono, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas & Elton John.  Chrissy divides her time between London and Los Angeles.


Chrissy’s latest interview in The Sunday Times:


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