Gwyneth Paltrow: “I can’t believe we have a magazine. It’s really cool just to be able to hold it and for it to be a physical representation of goop. It’s pretty great.”

NEW YORK –  Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  After being a tabloid target for most of her adult life, she’s developed a thick skin when it comes to haters and internet trolls.  Yes, she tries too hard.  Yes, she gives advice no matter what the potential media backlash.  And yes, she probably […]

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Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton: “Well, sometimes I’ll get, ‘aren’t you that Gemma Artherton. To which can always say, ‘No’ and walk on.” – ‘The Escape’

Despite those trademark cheekbones and perfect pout, Gemma Arterton’s employs a chameleonic quality throughout her movies.  In last year’s Their Finest, she played a buttoned-up WW2 clerk; in Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices, a decapitated head with attitude and Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, a centuries-old corseted vampire. So it’s fair to say, the 332-year-oldstar likes to change […]

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John Hamm Interview: “It’s never been about the money and definitely not about the celebrity that comes with this job.” – ‘Beirut’

PARK CITY, UTAH –  The public may never be able to separate Jon Hamm from Don Draper, but Hamm doesn’t really care.  He grew to loathe the character during his tenure as Mad Men’s self-destructive hero and paid the price by winding up in rehab once the series ended. But today Jon Hamm is a […]

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Julianne Moore – Exclusive: “I had to work very hard to learn American Sign Language (ASL) but I had excellent coaches helping me.” – ‘Wonderstruck’

NEW YORK –  There’s no stopping Julianne Moore.  Sexy, smart, and sensationally beautiful at 57, she’s one of those rare few actresses whose career has gained momentum past the age of 40.  The Oscar-winning performer (for Still Alice) is busier today than at any other point in her career and this year alone she has three films slated for […]

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Maisie Williams – Exclusive: “I watched Chicken Run religiously. To the point of obsession. Dangerous obsession…” – ‘Early Man’

Inside the Hollywood bubble, they’re what one would refer to as #friendshipgoals. But does that mean Maisie Williams will be Sophie Turner’s maid of honour at her upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas?  “I’d bloody well hope so” she cries. “I’m going to be fuming otherwise.” It’s so hard to believe Williams is merely 20 years-old. […]

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Alicia Vikander – Exclusive: “I told my trainer I wanted to look like Alexander in Tarzan,” she giggles cheerfully. “He was my end goal.”

When Alicia Vikander began her journey to gaining four kilos of pure muscle and becoming Lara Croft, good pal and fellow Swede, Alexander Skarsgard was her ‘gymspiration’.  “I told my trainer I wanted to look like Alexander in Tarzan,” she giggles cheerfully. “He was my end goal.” With pap shots on a boat in Ibiza […]

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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks: “So journalism has to get it right. Because if you get it right, you can’t argue with, you can have a different opinion but you can’t argue with it.” – The Post

With the current toxic political climate in America, The Post couldn’t be more relevant. A sharp, pacey retelling of the Pentagon Papers and the dilemma faced by those at the Washington Post including editor Ben Bradlee and publisher, Kay Graham, it’s a simple reiteration of the Trump administrations constant assault on the press – or as the president […]

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Julia Roberts – Exclusive Interview – ‘Wonderland’

Sitting in an airy hotel suite, with a breeze tickling her godlike blonde mane, her smile as bright and dazzling as the sun, Julia Roberts emanates movie star. It’s coming from her perfect miniscule pores. She takes a sip from a glass with those perfectly plump lips while her chocolate oval eyes glance her left […]

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Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley Interview for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Exclusive.

Her name suggests a heroine from a Jane Austen tome. Well minus her exotic middle moniker, that is.  Because on her passport, she’s known as Daisy Jazz Ridley.  “It’s cool, isn’t it,” she gushes. “I’m quite proud of it. Although I remember telling a friend in school and he was like, ‘Oh yea, and what, […]

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Mel Gibson Interview: ““Well I was around for my kids, “ he laughs, “so there’s that. I’m a lot softer, I’m nowhere near as much of a hard ass.”

In his latest role, Mel Gibson plays a tough, womanizing, gambling deadbeat dad who ran out on his son and all his fatherly responsibilities.  The icon fails to see any reflection on his own skills as a father.  “Well I was around for my kids, “ he laughs, “so there’s that. I’m a lot softer, […]

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