Patrick Schwarzenegger: “My job was done, I made my dad cry.” – Midnight Sun

  Patrick Schwarzenegger is one of those rare enigmas – a Hollywood scion with what it appears to be zero qualms talking about his famous lineage.  Which, for the son of the toughest guy in Tinseltown and a Kennedy no less, speaks volumes about his security. Sitting down with the actor in a darkened hotel […]

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Reese Witherspoon: “I feel like I’m on a mission. It’s my main goal to create more female driven projects and give more opportunities to women at every level.” – ‘A Wrinkle In Time’

LOS ANGELES – Fabulous at 40!  Well, Reese Witherspoon is 41, to be exact, and feels more enlightened, empowered, and emboldened today than at any other time in her life.  She’s suffered through an abusive relationship (Reese won’t name him, but it’s almost certainly ex-husband Ryan Philippe, she’s rebooted her career, and she’s basking in […]

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Maisie Williams – Exclusive: “I watched Chicken Run religiously. To the point of obsession. Dangerous obsession…” – ‘Early Man’

Inside the Hollywood bubble, they’re what one would refer to as #friendshipgoals. But does that mean Maisie Williams will be Sophie Turner’s maid of honour at her upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas?  “I’d bloody well hope so” she cries. “I’m going to be fuming otherwise.” It’s so hard to believe Williams is merely 20 years-old. […]

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Alicia Vikander – Exclusive: “I told my trainer I wanted to look like Alexander in Tarzan,” she giggles cheerfully. “He was my end goal.”

When Alicia Vikander began her journey to gaining four kilos of pure muscle and becoming Lara Croft, good pal and fellow Swede, Alexander Skarsgard was her ‘gymspiration’.  “I told my trainer I wanted to look like Alexander in Tarzan,” she giggles cheerfully. “He was my end goal.” With pap shots on a boat in Ibiza […]

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Chris Hemsworth – Exclusive: ““I think you can feel a permanent shift in the air, it’s electrically charged.” – ’12 Strong’

As the #metoo wave continues to roar, insiders claim Hollywood has changed irreversibly for the better. Including leading man Chris Hemsworth. And as the father of five-year-old India, he has nothing but praise for those who fought the good fight. “I think you can feel a permanent shift in the air, it’s electrically charged. It’s […]

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Gerard Butler – Exclusive: “Yea, I think Hugh Jackman needs to watch out,” he laughs. “He’s not the only showman in town.” – ‘Den Of Thieves’

Fourteen years since his breakthrough in the big screen adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera, Gerard Butler’s career quickly took a very different turn after an unforgettable performance as Leonidas in 300 catapulted him into the A-list action hero leagues. But that doesn’t mean he’s left his musical leanings behind.  “Yea, I think Hugh […]

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Meryl Streep Interview: “She was the product of her time where women weren’t expected to do much outside the realm of good child rearing and housekeeping…”

LOS ANGELES –  Meryl Streep has a long and distinguished history playing remarkable women.  From Karen Blixen to Julia Child to Margaret Thatcher, Streep invests her own formidable self into one compelling performance after another. Now, in The Post, she portrays Katherine Graham, the owner/publisher of The Washington Post who in 1971 faced a difficult […]

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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks: “So journalism has to get it right. Because if you get it right, you can’t argue with, you can have a different opinion but you can’t argue with it.” – The Post

With the current toxic political climate in America, The Post couldn’t be more relevant. A sharp, pacey retelling of the Pentagon Papers and the dilemma faced by those at the Washington Post including editor Ben Bradlee and publisher, Kay Graham, it’s a simple reiteration of the Trump administrations constant assault on the press – or as the president […]

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Julia Roberts – Exclusive Interview – ‘Wonderland’

Sitting in an airy hotel suite, with a breeze tickling her godlike blonde mane, her smile as bright and dazzling as the sun, Julia Roberts emanates movie star. It’s coming from her perfect miniscule pores. She takes a sip from a glass with those perfectly plump lips while her chocolate oval eyes glance her left […]

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Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley Interview for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Exclusive.

Her name suggests a heroine from a Jane Austen tome. Well minus her exotic middle moniker, that is.  Because on her passport, she’s known as Daisy Jazz Ridley.  “It’s cool, isn’t it,” she gushes. “I’m quite proud of it. Although I remember telling a friend in school and he was like, ‘Oh yea, and what, […]

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