Alexander Skarsgard Interview – The Legend Of Tarzan – “We [Alicia Vikander and I] like to go IKEA together!’


BERLIN –  After making his mark as the hot-blooded vampire on True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard has been steadily biding his time until he could find the one big film role that captures the public imagination.  That time has come with THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, the remake of the legendary Edgar Rice Burroughs tale about the man who became lord of the jungle.  Directed by British filmmaker David Yates (Harry Potter) and co-starring Margot Robbie as the iconic Jane, the $180 million production was filmed principally in England and Wales and is being hyped as one of this summer’s principal blockbusters.  Christophe Waltz plays the villainous Captain Leon Rom, inspired by the real-life story of Belgium’s King Leopold II who claimed the Congo as his colony and led a mass genocide.


Q:  Your fellow Swede, Alicia Vikander, is now becoming  a major star.  Do you know her?

SKARSGÅRD:  Yes. I have many Swedish friends in Los Angeles and whenever I’m there we get to hang out a lot.  Alicia sometimes stays at my friend Bjorn’s house in L.A. and that’s when we have a chance to catch up and feel like we’re part of this little community.  We also like to go IKEA together!  (Laughs)

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Alexander Skarsgard

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