Alexander Skarsgard Interview – The Legend of Tarzan – “In all the flashbacks he’s naked”


Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan is not your granny’s Tarzan.

True Blood established the Swedish meatball as the vampire with the best bod but he leaves Margot Robbie’s Jane breathless as he flexes his pecs through the jungle in The Legend of Tarzan.


Q: And of course you get to wear the famous Tarzan loincloth?

Alex: No, there’s no loincloth in this one. In all the flashbacks he’s naked because it would be ridiculous that if he was raised by apes, why would he be like excuse me guys, I am going to put this little loincloth on? Tarzan would be naked. But it’s artfully shot, so it’s not like you see everything.

Word count: 1325


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