Alexander Skarsgard Interview – The Legend of Tarzan – “I don’t like playing slightly different versions of Alexander Skarsgard”


BERLIN –  Once the hottest vampire on earth – sorry Robert Pattinson –  actor Alexander Skarsgard is about to become one of Hollywood’s hottest properties.  His new film, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, the latest screen adaptation of the legendary Edgar Rice Burroughs tale, takes a deeper and possibly darker look at the “lord of the jungle” who enters civilized society only to return to his native habitat.  The 6’4″ Swede spent several months training to get the kind of lean yet ripped look that will undoubtedly have female audiences in particular swooning over him come the film’s summer release date.


Q:  What do you look for in your work?   You seem to enjoy mixing things up?

SKARSGARD:  I don’t just want to act because it’s my job – I want to really enjoy myself and be as creatively inspired as I can.  That’s what I truly love the most about acting. I don’t like playing it safe or playing slightly different versions of Alexander Skarsgard.  What’s the point of that?  The joy and excitement of acting comes from inhabited other characters who are darker, different, or behave and act very differently from how I would.

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Alexander Skarsgard

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