Alicia Vikander Interview – Jason Bourne – “I’ve basically spent the last four or five years living out of three suitcases”


Upon meeting Alicia Vikander in person, one is immediately struck by her stunning svelte physique not to mention her olive skin, piercing eyes, and sculpted legs.  The Swedish star is also something of an aspiring fashionista, sporting a superb Chanel blue dress and Blahnik heels.  She typically takes a few minutes to drop her outward Swedish cool, but then smiles easily and takes on all questions – except for those relating to her relationship with actor Michael Fassbender, her constant companion for the past year and a half.


Q:  What’s the most difficult aspect of your life in the film business?

VIKANDER:  It’s being out of touch with my friends and family for long periods of time.  It’s almost impossible to plan getting together because you never know exactly where you’re going to be because new projects are constantly popping up and you’re often shooting in different parts of the world.

I’ve basically spent the last four or five years living out of three suitcases and going from one hotel to another.  But that’s also what makes this life exciting because you don’t know what lies ahead for you.

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Alicia Vikander

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