Alicia Vikander Interview – Jason Bourne – “I thought to myself “Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne!”


PALM SPRINGS, CALIF –  Growing up in a small town outside of Goteborg, Sweden, Alicia Vikander dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina and as a teenager trained with Sweden’s Royal Ballet Company. Then an ankle injury, back problems and a mounting dislike for the insulated world of dance led her to pursue acting as her life’s dream.  Twice rejected by acting schools, she decided to study law until she landed the lead role in a hit Swedish film, Pure, that launched her career.


Q:  How did you get involved in the new Jason Bourne film?

VIKANDER:  Paul Greengrass contacted me and I was honoured to get the chance to work with Matt and be part of this kind of a story that I’ve loved from the beginning.   When I was on the set, there was a moment when I thought to myself… “Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne!” and I got so excited. I was like, “Wheee! I’m in one of those films!”

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Alicia Vikander

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