Amanda Seyfried Interview: “I have this fear of confronting people…” – The Last Word

LOS ANGELES – Amanda Seyfried has a tough time staying calm. Her battles with anxiety attacks and OCD have bedevilled her for most of her life. But today she’s in a state of happy anticipation promoting her new film THE LAST WORD a scant three weeks before she would give birth to her first child.

The film co-sees Seyfried play an obituary writer enlisted by Shirley MacLaine’s aging business mogul/control freak to write her life story. Seyfried’s husband, actor Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom), also has a supporting role in the dramatic comedy. Seyfried and Sadoski first met in 2015 while co-starring in the Off Broadway play The Way We Get By, but their relationship didn’t turn romantic until they reunited last year while shooting the movie.

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