Anne Hathaway – “I think I’m probably a lot weirder on the inside than I’ve let out…”

Happily married, a doting mother to her year-old baby boy, Anne Hathaway is enjoying everything about her world these days. Looking dazzling in a black gown as she greeted the press at the AMC Lincoln theatre in New York for the premiere of her new film, COLOSSAL, the Oscar-winning actress was proud of how she pushed the envelope with her performance in this curious sci-fi action comedy.

She plays Gloria, a messed-up alcoholic on-line journalist whose boyfriend kicks her out of their New York apartment after she comes back from yet another late night bender. Finding refuge at her parents’ vacant small town home, she renews her friendship with childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) and then enjoys hanging out with him and his barfly friends at the local bar. This is where the plot takes a very strange turn after reports surface on the news that a mysterious tree monster is terrorising Seoul, South Korea and Gloria soon realises that she her drunken behaviour has in some way unleashed this creature.

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