Anthony Hopkins Interview – Westworld – “I always tell people to “lighten the fuck up”


One of Britain’s most revered actors, Anthony Hopkins has been coaxed into the starring in a futuristic TV series – at the grand age of 78 years old. It‘s not that Sir Anthony hasn’t ever appeared on the small screen, earlier on his career featuring in made-for-TV movies and mini-series.


Q: What was your attraction to doing this TV show?
Sir Anthony: I haven’t done TV for years. HBO got a great reputation and it’s a very interesting part to play. Oddly enough for a man who is not about control or certainty, they gave me those very controlling parts to play. It’s a paradox at my age. I guess I know how to look like a control freak but I’m not. I hope, I consciously try not to exert control over anything or anyone and especially over myself.

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Anthony Hopkins

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