Ben Affleck Interview – Batman V. Superman – “I trained harder than I ever had”


LOS ANGELES –  Ben Affleck has a history of rising from the cinematic equivalent of death.  Once the darling of Hollywood in the years following Good Will Hunting and subsequent high profile romances with Gwyneth Paltrow and then Jennifer Lopez, the hunkish actor saw his world fall apart after Gigli bombed and earned him the worst reviews of his career.  But then he rebuilt his life with his marriage to Jennifer Garner and a dual career as both actor and director, first with The Town, and then with his Oscar-winning film Argo.


Q: You did intensive training to bulk up for Batman. But you also get to wear an armoured-plated suit whereas Henry Cavill is wearing a stretch fabric body stocking. Did that take the pressure off you from having to match Henry’s physique?

AFFLECK: I trained harder than I ever had to get ready for this movie. I worked for over a year getting ready for this movie but I never felt that I was in competition with Henry.

I had seen him in the first movie and at my advanced age I was under no illusions that I was going to be able to match him. I also tried to remind everyone that Superman is an alien being and Batman is human! (Smiles)

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Ben Affleck

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