Benedict Cumberbatch Interview – Dr Strange – “I’ve played clever people before, and arrogant – but he’s American, he’s materialistic, he’s sociopathic”



In a navy sweater and jeans, looking tanned but hassled, Benedict Cumberbatch enters the room and immediately apologizes. “I’m sorry if I smell like breakfast food, I had about two seconds to wolf it down there.”


Q: Do you care about career moves?

CUMBERBATCH: No, no , it’s about me giving myself a surprise and doing something that I haven’t done. Or at least different in some degree if it’s not a complete U-turn. Of course I’ve played clever people before, and arrogant, I’ve done that a few times but he’s American, he’s materialistic, he’s slightly sociopathic, he has a life, he has a relationship, one that finished because it was all about him and less about her, it’s different space than I’ve occupied before and that’s usually the grounding for me…

Word count: 2199

Benedict Cumberbatch

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