Blake Lively Interview – The Shallows – “it’s not just a story about a girl in a bikini fighting a monster”


Blake Lively spent much of her time growing up in California hanging out at the beach where surfing was one of her passions.  Although she had the occasional mishap – “I once cracked my nose” – the tall, blonde actress loved the feeling of “energy” that riding on the waves provided.  That love of the sport is what drew her to THE SHALLOWS, her new film about a medical student and expert surfer who struggles to survive after being attacked by a great white shark.

“My character, Nancy, is recovering from the recent death of her mother and she decides to take a trip which is a journey of self-exploration for her,”  Lively says,  “They shared a love of surfing and Nancy is anxious to find this elusive beach that her mother often talked about.  That’s where she comes up against a great white and has to figure out a way to get back to shore with the shark still out there.”


Q: Is there an underlying message to the story?

LIVELY: I think there is. It’s talking about how we’re all trying to survive on this planet and we all share it. Sharks are trying to survive the damage to their environment and habitat just as Nancy is trying to survive in the water. It’s all connected and it’s not just a story about a girl in a bikini fighting a monster.

Word count: 1520

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