Bryce Dallas Howard Interview – Pete’s Dragon – “I like playing female characters who have a purpose beyond the eye candy”


Bryce Dallas Howard is often cast as a repressed, neurotic control freak. Just look at her previous work in The Help, 50/50 and Jurassic World.

Today, she’s buoyant, relaxed and jovial. And making a concerted effort to restrict her swearing.


Are you a feminist when it comes to your work?

HOWARD: I like playing female characters who have a purpose, beyond, I’m going to say this very respectfully, beyond oh I just can’t, beyond the eye candy. That’s is not who I am, I’m a character actor. That’s not to say I feel unattractive, I’m happy with everything but that’s not my strength. The sexy girl, that’s not my strength.

Bryce Dallas Howard

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