Chris Pratt Interview – Passengers – “it’s more important to be a good person than almost anything else”



Chris Pratt is the type of good-natured, self-effacing gentleman that often seems to be apologising for his success.  Not that he doesn’t remember the tough times when he was broke, out of work, homeless and sleeping in his car in Maui while dreaming of becoming an actor.


Q: Do you ever worry that success will go to your head?

PRATT: … I’m not saying that that could never happen to me but I can honestly say that I’ve never let (fame) it affect me and turn me into someone different from who I am. I try to make sure that every day I am thankful for the kind of life that I have and that I never take anything for granted. I will always remember where I came from and how it’s more important to me to be a good person than almost anything else.

Chris Pratt

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