Exclusive – Christian Bale: “Doing interviews at 13, I’m so off with that…” The Promise

There’s a level of anxiety before an interview with Christian Bale. The man formerly known as The Dark Knight has been notorious in the past for refusing to cooperate in press junkets. And then there’s his famous temper to consider, best seen, or rather heard, during THAT blow-up on the set of Terminator Salvation.  He even goes so far as to offer a disclaimer at the start of our chat for his latest release, The Promise.

“I’ll always support whatever film it is I’m working on. I think that is important to do what I can. I just don’t love when it’s about me.”  Immediately the gauntlet is set. But very soon, it transpires the 43 year-old is actually quite nice.  While his bass, gravelly tones give a menacing vibe, Bale is attentive and responsive. He even cracks a chuckle here and there. In his new film, The Promise, a colourful sweeping romance set against the backdrop of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, Bale is Chris Myers, an American journalist caught up in the chaos of war and persecution.


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