Christina Applegate Interview – Bad Moms – “They couldn’t even get us to set because we were in a heated conversation about politics”


Comedian Christina Applegate was part of TV’s most dysfunctional family —the Bundys—on the popular sitcom “Married With Children” for more than a decade. As the sexy, ditsy daughter Kelly Bundy on that series, Applegate was every male’s teen fantasy girl.

She now plays a judgmental mom—the opposite of Kelly’s mom Peg Bundy—in the raunchy comedy “Bad Moms.”


Q: It’s very unusual to have a film that’s so female dominated with so many young women in it. Can you talk about working with the other ladies? Did you have a kind of sisterhood?

Applegate: A little bit. We’re bonded for life. We’re six women who are completely in love, and when we all had the opportunity to be on set together we’d sit in a circle in our chairs and just yak. They couldn’t even get us to set usually because we were in a heated conversation about politics. It was either politics or our children, mostly politics at that time. There was a lot of that; really heated conversations, all on the same side, and all preaching to the same choir. Like everyone else in the entertainment industry we’re just staunch Republicans. (She laughs.) Women’s rights? Psh.

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Christina Applegate

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