Claire Foy Interview – The Crown – “They are human beings and not just an institution”



It would seem to be destiny that British actress Claire Foy keeps getting cast as royalty.  Last year, audiences saw her portray Henry VIII’s moody, ill-fated wife Anne Boleyn in BBC TV’s Wolf Hall.  Now she’s playing a far more level-headed, longer serving royal – Queen Elizabeth 11 –  in Netflix’s lavish new TV series, THE CROWN, a superb ten-part chronicle of Queen Elizabeth’s ascendancy to the throne and her marriage to Prince Philip.


Q: When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, how have your own perceptions about her and the monarchy changed after working on this series?

FOY: I now have a much broader and more informed idea about her and the royal family because I’ve been able to look through the peephole and gain a much better impression of what they do and how they live. Now when I look at (the royals) I compare their lives to mine and see that there are many shared basic human experiences. They are human beings and not just an institution.

Claire Foy

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