Colin Firth Interview – Bridget Jones’ Baby – “Don’t take anything too seriously in this business”



Meeting Firth, handsome in a grey suit and black shirt, with thick black-rimmed glasses, he cuts a solemn, serious figure on introduction. But quickly, it’s clear the 55 year-old is all about the laughs and jokes. All delivered with his trademark curt tones. It’s a winning combination.


Q: What was the best piece of advice you ever received as an actor?

FIRTH: Don’t take anything too seriously in this business. Enjoy the frivolity of this job, enjoy the lightness because there’s an abundance. There really is and if you don’t focus on that, if you always seek out the pain and the torment to justify your earnest passion, you’re in trouble. You’re making it much harder for yourself.

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Colin Firth

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