Dakota Fanning Interview – American Pastoral – “I never thought it would be cool to get into trouble”



Dakota Fanning is Hollywood’s newest “It Girl,” a title she may hold for some time given that she’s only 22. She’s been acting since the age of six and despite the industry’s habit of warping the
minds of child stars, Dakota has entered adulthood with both her career and personal life intact.


Q: You’re a show business veteran yet you’ve also managed to keep yourself out of the tabloids unlike many young actors?

FANNING: It’s tough for me to explain why I’ve led a pretty normal life because I was never interested in doing stupid or crazy things. I took my work seriously and my family made a lot of sacrifices to help me and my sister succeed in this business. I never thought it would be cool to try to go out to clubs every night or to get into trouble. There’s this cautious side to me, I guess.

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Dakota Fanning

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