Daniel Brühl Interview – The Colony – “Emma and I didn’t find [the love scene] that difficult”


BERLIN – Few actors are as friendly, polite, and good-natured as Daniel Brühl.  Best known outside of his native Germany for roles in Rush (in which he delivers an uncannily accurate portrayal of Formula One legend Niki Lauda), The Fifth Estate (playing opposite Benedict Cumberbatch’s Julian Assange), and the recent Captain America: Civil War (as the villainous Zemo), Brühl brings an Everyman kind of grace and gravitas to his work.


Q:  How did you find working with British actress Emma Watson with whom you also have a love scene?

BRÜHL:   What was strange that we didn’t have any time to really get to know each other before we started shooting which we would really like to have had to make it easier to seem more credible as a couple on screen.  But even though actors are never particularly comfortable shooting love scenes and being undressed in front of a film crew, Emma and I didn’t find it that difficult.  We like each other and that helps of course when you’re playing two people who are romantically involved.

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Daniel Brühl

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