Daniel Radcliffe Interview – Imperium – “My advice to young actors is “don’t be on Twitter!””


Meeting Daniel Radcliffe in person is like meeting a long lost friend.  Greeting you with a broad smile and firm handshake, he brings a genuine sense of exuberance to the moment.  Unlike many of his peers who treat interviews with glib disdain, Daniel enjoys making conversation and being open about his personal thoughts and feelings.  Dressed casually in a grey T-shirt, black pants, and sneakers, he gives off the vibe of a polite and earnest young man who loves his work and is happy to share his enthusiasm and upbeat perspective with you.


Q:  You don’t waste your time on social media like Twitter, though?

RADCLIFFE: My advice to young actors is “don’t be on Twitter!” The reason I don’t have Twitter is people are writing stuff to you all the time … I feel like if I was dealing with people on Twitter, I’d just get angry and get into fights. I’d be one of those people who, if someone tweeted something annoying at 1 a.m., I’d be like “OK … let’s do this.” (Grimaces fiendishly.) And I know that about myself and no one ever wins in that situation.

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Daniel Radcliffe

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