Daniel Radcliffe Interview – Now You See Me 2 – “I thought playing a bad guy would be a lot of fun”


NEW YORK – Daniel Radcliffe thought he had given up on magic when his Harry Potter days were over.  Little did he realise that his gift for wizardry would come in handy in NOW YOU SEE ME 2, the sequel to the 2013 heist drama about four master illusionists who employ their special skills to pull off daring robberies.


Q:  You’ve also never tried to deny your gratitude or appreciation of your Hogwarts’ days?

RADCLIFFE: I never saw it as a contradiction or a problem for me to be proud of the work on the films that gave me my start in this business and which have opened up so many opportunities for me afterwards.  I’m so glad to have been part of a series of films that have given so much joy to people and still resonate with audiences.

I also want to be able to one day write and direct my own films that will hopefully inspire and connect with people in the same way as those films did.

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Daniel Radcliffe

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