Daniel Radcliffe Interview – Swiss Army Man – “I like weird shit … I like to embrace that as much as I can because weird is wonderful”



Daniel Radcliffe has probably usurped Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hanks, collectively, as the nicest man in Hollywood. Entering a bright London hotel suite, the chirpy 27 year-old is immediately on his feet, offering drinks and food at his disposal. He asks which seat I’d like to take and quizzes me about my day. Normal behaviour for a human being. Rare for a pampered, disconnected movie star.


Q: You’re taking on some out-there roles and pushing yourself. Does that represent you as a person, you like to push beyond the boundaries?
RADCLIFFE: I like that I’m starting to be known as somebody who likes to operate outside what’s deemed acceptable and conventional. Is this representative of me, yea probably? I like weird shit and I’m probably perceived as a weird, strange character myself and I like to embrace that as much as I can because weird is wonderful.

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Daniel Radcliffe

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