Dave Franco Interview – Nerve – “I love [my brother] to death, he’s the greatest guy I know”


Dave Franco is having difficulty getting his head around Pokemon Go. Frankly, so am I.

“I saw there was this stampede of people in Central Park looking for this character and it’s insane how powerful a game like that has become in such a short amount time. But it does make you think like Nerve could happen in the not too distant future.”

Franco, 31 stars alongside Emma Roberts in the new high octane thriller which sees their characters, Ian and Vee, two random strangers, caught up in a dangerous online game where viewers or ‘watchers’ dictate their next move.


Q: I was surprised to see that you’re next two films are directed by your brother.

FRANCO: I was too [laughs]. I love him to death, he’s the greatest guy I know and he’s an amazing filmmaker, obviously I want to work with him.

Word count: 2002

Dave Franco

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