Denise Richards Interview – “I wouldn’t be able to get through any of it unless I was strong”


A busy actor and mother of three, Denise Richards at 44, has weathered a lot over the years – a contentious divorce from Charlie Sheen, the loss of her beloved mother to kidney cancer in 2007 and the challenge of raising her daughters  – daughters Sami (12), Lola ( 11), Eloise (5) – amidst media scrutiny.  No stranger to stress, the former model who rose to fame in the feature, “Wild Things”, seguing into a Bond Girl a few years later, Richards navigates the role of super mom, while amping up her career with an action thriller, “Altitude”, coming to the big screen in 2017 and just wrapping “A Life Lived” due out later this year.  Currently, she is filming “American Satan”.  However, even with all the chaos, Richards refuses to let her hectic life dampen her outlook.  Recently, Denise has been able to retreat to a simpler way of life and find inner and outer beauty in the basics of healthy living.


Q: What empowers you, as a woman, on a regular basis?

Richards: I’m a strong woman and I think it empowers me to be secure with myself, empowers me to make decisions on my own and being a single mom on my own.  And to see how well my daughters are growing up and how grounded they are, I’m very proud of that and that empowers me.  So I think a lot of things empower me but I think being a strong woman in general…I wouldn’t be able to get through any of it unless I was strong.

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Denise Richards

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