Dominic Cooper Interview – Preacher – “Preacher is not any more violent or horrific than what we see on the news”


Apart from his matinee idol good looks, Dominic Cooper has always brought an undercurrent of “bad boy” danger to his work.  That made him an ideal choice for Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, the 2014 TV mini-series that saw him play an oversexed Ian Fleming whose his years in the British Secret Service inspired his later James Bond novels.  Cooper’s roguish appeal is also what earned him the lead role in Preacher, the Amazon Prime/AMC TV series in which he stars as Jesse Custer, a possessed Texas minister on a mission to find God.


Q:  Is the violence in Preacher supposed to serve as a metaphor to the seemingly growing amount of violence in the world today?

COOPER:  I think so. Garth Ennis (co-author of the comic) told me that he had written the “Preacher” when the world was still optimistic. But in the years since then he finds it hard to keep writing such dark material because people seem to have much less hope today.

Those words made a deep impression on me. People might say that the series is violent and gory, but it’s not any more violent or horrific than what we see on the news. Every single day we live with violence and brutality.


Dominic Cooper

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