Dominic West Interview – Finding Dory – “I’m getting recognized a lot more … getting all these looks from the mums”


Dominic West is so likeable and friendly in the flesh that it’s almost unfathomable why he’s continually cast as a villain.

“Someone told me it’s because of my eyebrows, apparently they have an evil arch. So I guess that’s been my defining physical trait.”

Many fans out there will argue otherwise. And sitting in front of the Sheffield born star of small screen hits, The Wire and The Affair, it’s fair to say he’s more than just eyebrows.


Q: It’s been a huge hit, did you expect that?

WEST: Of course not, you never predict these things. It’s only when you get recognized on the street, that’s when you know, ‘right, something’s happening here.’ I got it funnily enough, after The Wire aired, because it was mostly ignored while it was on and then gained an audience after.

But now, I’m getting recognized a lot more, little side-glances. And it’s happening in the strangest places. I went to a football camp with my sons during the summer and kept getting all these looks from the mums. You know those, trying to catch your eye and holding it a little too long. And you have an idea what they’re thinking [laughs].

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Dominic West

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