Drew Barrymore – Exclusive Interview – ‘I think I might have to put my mom foot down and say, not till you’re 18!’

Sitting in front of me in a sparse hotel suite is a defining Hollywood icon, whose saucer shaped eyes and milky dimpled performance in ET formed the basis for a generation’s childhood. A Tinseltown heroine whose wild child past, stuffed with drug abuse and parental emancipation, is the stuff of legends; a starry survivor whose comeback via a string of box office smashes like Scream, Charlie’s Angels and Fifty First Dates, propelled her to the top of the A-list pile as one of the industry’s highest paid actresses.


So why this show? What did it for you?

BARRYMORE: I needed to laugh [laughs], that’s what it did for me. I read Victor’s script and it made me laugh and I was going through some dark stuff so it was exactly what I needed.

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