Elle Fanning Interview – The Neon Demon – “it’s really my first adult role”


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CANNES –  Elle Fanning has been waiting a long time to find the role that takes her into adult territory.   Best known for playing sweet or wide-eyed teens in films including “Maleficent,” “Ginger & Rosa,” and “Somewhere,” Fanning largely worked in the shadow of her elder sister Dakota (Twilight).  But with her stunning performance in Nicolas Winding Refn’s THE NEON DEMON, one of the first big films produced by Amazon, Elle has served notice that she is one of Hollywood’s outstanding young actresses.


Q:  What did you think about the project once you had read the screenplay?

FANNING:  I was blown away by it.  I think the themes the film deals with are very contemporary – how our obsession with beauty is accentuated by social media and how this affects the way we behave and think about life.

This is a very intelligent film and it’s really my first adult role.  I’ve always been drawn to unusual kinds of stories and working with Nicolas was an incredible experience.  This kind of edgier project is exactly the kind of thing that I want to be doing.

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Elle Fanning

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