Ellen DeGeneres Interview – Finding Dory – “a film that puts that positive message out there is exactly what we all need”



Ellen DeGeneres looks up at me with a quizzical glance as I enter the room. “I think I’m finally over my jetlag at this very moment. I’ve felt really sleepy for all the other reporters, so you’re in luck.”

It’s surreal sitting in front of the pop culture icon. This is the woman who broke boundaries for LGBT rights by coming out in the mid-Nineties. Whose career tanked as a result and then staged a
massive comeback with a talk show that once rivaled Oprah for ratings.


Q: The film is perfect timing with everything that’s going on in the world right now, every needs a dose of Dory. We need to look at the world how she sees it, through this wide-eyed optimism. Does that making working on the film all the more special?

DEGENERES: Absolutely, especially with what’s going on right now, a film that puts that positive message out there, distracts people from what’s happening is exactly what we all need.

Dory is perfect. She’s optimistic, she’s non-judgmental, she’ sweet, she’s compassionate and she’s got friends that look different than her. I mean that’s sort of a beautiful thing.

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Ellen DeGeneres

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