Emily Blunt Interview – The Girl on the Train – “I’ve discovered that being a mother has given me a lot of strength”


Upon meeting Emily Blunt in person, she gives the impression of being your favourite female friend – someone who is witty, energetic, and ready to share a bottle of wine or go out on a night on the town.  Her eyes sparkle in conversation, and she is a woman whose charming nature is just as impressive as her talent as an actress.


Q:  Did that experience on Sicario give you the kind of confidence to take on a film like The Girl on the Train?

BLUNT: On Sicario, it was a dream role for me to play such a terrific woman who was strong enough to hold her own with the guys and who could also be feminine and vulnerable, too.  I’ve discovered that being a mother has given me a lot of strength and added determination.

I now know that I’m capable of taking on roles that I never would have imagined doing.  I don’t know if I would have been ready to play Rachel several years ago.

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Emily Blunt

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