Emma Roberts Interview – Nerve – “this movie is looking five minutes into the future”



Amid a season of often tired, formulaic blockbuster films, NERVE stands apart as a daring alternative for young audiences that could well turn into this summer’s surprise hit.  The film sees rising star Emma Roberts deliver a compelling performance that will doubtless establish her as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses.

Meeting her at the upscale New York hotel where she and Nerve co-star Dave Franco were holding court for the media, one is immediately taken by Roberts’s upbeat and lively personality.  She  speaks quickly and excitedly, and answers questions with the poise and charm that one would expect from Julia Roberts’s niece (Emma’s father is Julia’s brother, actor Eric Roberts – ED).


Q:  Emma, Nerve has an intriguing premise.  How close to reality do you think it comes in terms of how a game like this could actually happen?

ROBERTS:  A lot of people are already saying that this movie is looking five minutes into the futurePeople are already doing stuff like this on YouTube similar to what our characters are doing in Nerve.

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