Emma Stone Exclusive: “I think it is a vital time now for people to speak out, we’re galvanized now. And not just women, we all have a platform.”

When getting into character, Emma Stone likes to go proper method, especially when getting the walk right.  “Around the house, down the street,” she snorts in that dusky signature tones. “I must look like the biggest weirdo because I am physically trying to manipulate my physicality and the way that I walk when I’m trying to get [into a character]. I’m sure it looks strange to someone walking past.”

It seems to be working to the spritely 29-year-old. Enjoying the best year of her life, starting with the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to a quietly shattering performance in La La Land, Stone went on to be declared the highest paid actress in Hollywood due to a string of box office hits and clever endorsement deals.

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