Emma Stone Interview – La La Land – “You’re always worried about getting the next good role”



Emma Stone still recalls the days when she was an aspiring actress and had to suffer through auditions that could often be humiliating.  It’s a process that can either destroy you or make you stronger, and in Stone’s case it simply emboldened her to keep pursuing her dream.


Q:  Emma, this is the third time you’ve co-starred with Ryan Gosling, having previously appeared in Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad together.  How do you find working with Ryan?

STONE:  We’ve become good friends over the years.  He’s a very warm and funny guy to be around, and we have really good chemistry together.  We knew we had that from our first few scenes working on Crazy Stupid Love together and that makes it so much fun for us to be on a set together.

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Emma Stone

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