Eva Green Interview – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – “It’s sometimes sad to leave the set and go back to being myself”

Exclusive Interview


Eva Green admits to being shy.  That’s not a particularly helpful quality for an actress yet she somehow manages to muster supreme confidence for her work.  Paradoxically, she has few qualms when it comes to screen nudity as fans of The Dreamers (2003) and Sin City 2 will readily acknowledge.  She uses her dark looks and piercing gaze to great advantage in her performances even though in person she’s smiling and upbeat in her own soft-spoken way.


Q:  You’ve often spoken about how you feel so free and authentic when you’re acting. Is it hard to make the adjustment going back to the real world?

GREEN: It’s sometimes sad to leave the set and go back to being myself.  Acting gives you this chance to lead multiple lives and often you get to play very interesting and extraordinary people.

I’m not sure really how I manage to do this job but somehow I become very caught up in the story and I don’t have time to think about my own life and worry about anything.

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Eva Green

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