Ewan McGregor Interview – American Pastoral – “There’s no director I want to be like”



He may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood since his breakthrough 20 years ago in Trainspotting but the 45-year-old Scot never fails to disarm in person. Perennially likeable in company, he answers openly and broadly, rarely projecting a stiff vibe – although maybe he’s just that good an actor.


Q: Of all the directors you’ve worked with in your career, who has had the greatest impact and who did you draw the most from?

MCGREGOR: I drew from all my directors, I discovered something different in their work. And I discovered some stuff that I didn’t want to do myself. There’s no director I want to be like, there’s no method I want to follow because there’s no way to direct by the book, the correct way…

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Ewan McGregor

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