Gal Gadot Interview – Keeping Up with The Joneses – “I love to make fun of myself”



If there were prizes for infectious, charming enthusiasm, Gal Gadot would wipe the competition.  Arguably one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after nabbing the hotly contested role of Wonder Woman, she still can’t quite believe her good fortune.


Q: Because you have comedy timing, you just have it. Even as Wonder Woman and Fast and Furious, you can tell you’d be great in comedy. And Keeping Up proves that!

GADOT: Well I love to make fun of myself, I am always the first person to laugh at my own expense. And I’m so glad Greg sent it to me because you know, you do Wonder Woman and before long, it’s like, ‘She just does superhero movies. She just does action.’ And no, I want to try all kinds of scripts. But I doubted myself too. And clearly other people did also, which is helpful [laughs]…

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Gal Gadot

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