Gal Gadot Interview – Keeping Up With the Joneses – “My hope is that Wonder Woman is just the beginning”



Free-spirited actress Gal Gadot loves to tease the press at every opportunity. Up front and in person, she smiles playfully as you begin the interview and does everything to turn the occasion into a conversation amongst friends rather than the standard promotional chitchat.  Charmingly uninhibited and self-deprecating while you sit down to speak with her, she does her best to get you to break out laughing at every opportunity.


Q:  Would you like to see more Hollywood blockbuster films centred around female superheroes or similar kinds of larger-than-life characters?

GADOT:  Of course.  My hope is that Wonder Woman is just the beginning. It’s healthy and positive for both boys and girls to be able to appreciate and admire strong female superheroes as well as the male superheroes.  I think there is so much opportunity to develop strong female characters like Wonder Woman.

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Gal Gadot

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