Gemma Arterton: “Well, sometimes I’ll get, ‘aren’t you that Gemma Artherton. To which can always say, ‘No’ and walk on.” – ‘The Escape’

Despite those trademark cheekbones and perfect pout, Gemma Arterton’s employs a chameleonic quality throughout her movies.  In last year’s Their Finest, she played a buttoned-up WW2 clerk; in Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices, a decapitated head with attitude and Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, a centuries-old corseted vampire.

So it’s fair to say, the 332-year-oldstar likes to change it up. Which is great for her enduring anonymity.  “I definitely get looks,” she laughs with a raspy tune, “’but I appear so different [in these roles] they can’t really pick me out. Well, sometimes I’ll get, ‘aren’t you that Gemma Artherton. To which can always say, ‘No’ and walk on.”

It’s ten years since ARTERTON burst on to the scene as the trench-coat wearing Strawberry Fields in 007’s Quantum of Solace. Fresh out of drama school, the young Kent actress was propelled into the limelight, enjoying subsequent starring roles opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck.

But Gemma grew quickly despondent with Hollywood and in recent years has switched her attention to low budget independent features.  And for her latest movie, The Escape, has gone one further by producing, co-writing and starring.

In this fascinating examination of human behaviour, she plays Tara, a suburban mother and wife who seemingly has it all. But inside, she’s slowly dying, suffocated by her domestic surrounds.  Desperate to exercise her artistic creativity, she appeals to exasperated husband [Dominic Cooper] to understand but he fails to take her pleas seriously. So Tara only has one choice – to run away and escape.

Gemma Arterton

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