George Clooney: “It’s a time in my life that I didn’t think I would get to experience so I’m a lucky man. How can one man be so lucky?” – ‘Suburbicon’

While chatting about his latest directorial effort based on racial tensions in 1950’s Americana, he finds time to comment on segregation and bigotry in Trump’s US, the Harvey Weinstein scandal and his true feelings for leading man, Matt Damon.  But the real joy in his velvety vocals comes from his new family. Barely five months old, the new father is a doting parent who takes pleasure in explaining the delights of diaper changes and midnight feedings.

And at 56-year-old, the star has never seemed happier.  Warm and open, he reflects on an eventful year and the passage of his career.  George and Amal live in Berkshire with their young twins.


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