Guy Ritchie Interview: ““I haven’t slept, I rarely sleep well in the days before the movie’s release.” – King Arthur

The 48 year-old’s right to be nervous. Arthur is a huge leap away from the safe environs of celebrated efforts Lock Stock and Snatch. It has the recipe for huge success – hunky lead actors, superb CGI effects, relentless actions scenes. But Ritchie’s career has been spliced with towering highs and shattering lows. So the man, previously married to Madonna, is only being practical in his outlook.

In the $100 million fantasy epic, Ritchie employs a gritty take on the Knights of the Roundtable saga, introducing Charlie Hunnam’s Arthur as a street level low life, unaware of his mystical lineage who’s tasked with saving the people of England from the evil King Vortigern [Jude Law].

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