Jared Leto Interview – Suicide Squad – “I think I could retire altogether after playing The Joker”


Jared Leto is very kindly offering to go to his hotel room to fetch that now famous green Gucci military coat he wore to Suicide Squad premiere.

“A piece of art like that should be universally shared.” I politely refuse his generosity. When I really should have accepted.


Q: Which aren’t true? The used condoms? The anal beads?

LETO: I don’t want to give the mystique away. I’ll let the myth continue to breathe life [laughs]. That whole thing was very fun for me, to see the consternation it caused. That’s what the Joker likes to do. Let me say now, no one in the cast hates me as a result of what I sent. There aren’t any bad feelings.

Word count: 1725

Jared Leto

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