Jason Statham Interview – Mechanic Resurrection – “Put a challenge in front of me and I will never turn my back”



He’s enjoyed nearly twenties years as one of Hollywood toughest tough guys. And then last year, his past as a music video go-go dancer was unearthed. And Jason Statham was not a happy camper.


Q: Why don’t you just say, ‘I’m done…no more?’

STATHAM: Because I’m stubborn and I’ve got a big ego. Put a challenge in front of me and I will never turn my back. I’ll never say no. Been like that since I was a kid. Wanted to climb the highest tree, sorta thing. I’ll always seek out that adrenalin rush, no matter how stupid the risk. It’s ingrained in me. I get a real kick out of it.

And what am I going to do instead? Sit in the trailer, sit on the sidelines while someone else has all the fun. Nah, never gonna to happen.

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Jason Statham

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