Jeff Goldblum Interview – Independence Day: Resurgence – “I ‘think’ young”

Exclusive Interview


Recently, Liam Hemsworth had this to say about his Independence Day: Resurgence co-star Jeff Goldblum – ‘what you see is what you get. And all of us could benefit from dropping that front we hold on to a little bit.’

The 63 year-old grimaces when he hears it repeated back to him.

“That is very sweet but I’m always questioning what I say. I’m probably too open for my own preservation,” Goldblum says. “‘Oh did I say the right thing, should I have said that to him?”

Q: I have to say, you haven’t aged a day in twenty years. What’s the secret?

GOLDBLUM: No secret, no elixir, because I would gladly take it if there was [laughs]. I look after myself, I eat well and healthily, I work out from time to time, I don’t have any debilitating vices.

And I ‘think’ young. I don’t think of myself as a young man like yourself, because I’m not, I’m far from it. But I try to see things from a younger, more optimistic perspective which can help you look younger. Thinking younger, looking younger. And I’m not saying, trying to physically look younger because that generally has the opposite

I’m also a father now, Charlie Ocean, he keeps me young.

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Jeff Goldblum

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