Jennifer Lawrence Interview – Passengers – “because of Pratt it was the best day every day of my life”


Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to promoting major movies and dealing with the stress of gruelling promotional tours.  During the course of a week-long swing through Europe she wowed both admiring crowds and media types alike with her long blonde wavy tresses.


Q:  Would Chris Pratt help boost your spirits at the end of an exhausting day on the set?

LAWRENCE:  We would be working five days a week sometimes 18 hours a day. But because of Pratt it was the best day every day of my life.  It was so fun.  He’s a great actor and everything happened really effortlessly with us together.  As soon as the director calls action he’s someone else. I don’t even recognise him when I’m looking into his eyes so it was easy acting-wise, he helped me a lot,

Jennifer Lawrence

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