Jesse Eisenberg Interview – Café Society – “my mother is probably the only one really interested in my life”


Jesse Eisenberg has built a reputation as an actor whose charm is heavily connected to his nervous manner and anxious nature. In person, he is sharp, witty, nervous, and somewhat fidgety. Those traits alone make him a perfect casting choice for Woody Allen whose neurotic screen self (or substitutes) is a central element in virtually all his films. And it’s no surprise that Allen, having previously worked with him in To Rome With Love, chose Eisenberg once again to play the “Woody” character in CAFÉ SOCIETY, Allen’s new romantic comedy.


Q: You’ve achieved considerable fame since your work in The Social Network. How do you handle the attention?

EISENBERG: I don’t feel famous at all. I live a very normal life. I can walk down the street with no problems and very few people notice me. I also don’t think that anyone cares particularly what I do in my private life. I’m not a celebrity, there haven’t been any scandals, and my mother is probably the only one really interested in my life. But even she doesn’t really pay that much attention anymore! (Laughs)

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Jesse Eisenberg

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