Jessica Alba: Beauty ‘Loves & Hates – Mechanic: Resurrection – “I realised that feeling sexy could be empowering”


Jessica Alba is living the American Dream – movie star, sex symbol, and happily married mother of two daughters.  She also happens to be head of The Honest Company, the billion-dollar corporation she launched in 2012 which produces and distributes non-toxic household goods, baby products, and organic beauty line.

Today, her non-stop schedule has her jetting into Toronto, Canada, rocking a nautical-inspired light blue & white striped coat, diaphanous silk blouse, baggy jeans, and navy hat upon making her way, trolley and all, to a busy day of interviews. In addition to promoting The Honest Company’s eco-friendly, chemical-free consumer goods message, she’s excited about her upcoming action film, MECHANIC: RESURRECTION, that sees her team up with Jason Statham as he returns to his familiar role as an elite hitman.


Q: When did you finally become comfortable with your image?

ALBA: After my daughter Honor was born, I changed my whole way of thinking. I had been putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect and always please other people. But you can’t be happy yourself if you’re always trying to make other people happy. I had to start looking after my own happiness and not stressing myself about everything because it was becoming too much for me to handle. I learned to relax, to accept myself and all my faults.

I also realised that feeling sexy could be empowering. During my pregnancy, I started becoming more in touch with my body. I learned to embrace my sexuality and not be afraid of using that in my work as long as there would be something substantial to the role apart from my appearance.

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Jessica Alba

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