Jon Hamm Interview: . “There becomes this assumption of, ‘oh this is a reflection of who you are.’ And Don and I, we’re opposed in most ways.” Baby Driver.

It’s nearly two years since the hit AMC series came to a finish and since then, Hamm has been tackling a range of diverse role far from the stilted remit of Draper.

There was his turn as Reagan’s hired assassin in Netflix’ Wet Hot Summer, a masquerading spy in Keeping up with the Joneses – and his newest role as a devious armed robber in Edgar Wright’s hotly anticipated heist thriller, Baby Driver, where one of the nicest men in Hollywood gets to finally play…the bad guy. Which is range in itself for Hamm, who has admirably clung on to his amiable, laid back nature.

Despite becoming on the most lusted after actors in Tinseltown, the 46 year-old Missourian regularly scoffs at his superstar and sex symbol status and claims each new job will be his last.

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